G&W Market Commentary – 3rd Quarter 2017 30.09.2017

We have focused on the following points in our market commentary:

  • Is it worthwhile to make decisions in the capital markets?
  • Consequences of a passive investment strategy
  • How should active decisions best be made in the capital markets?
  • 12.3 % (D) and 12.6 % (U.S.): head to head race as of September 30, 2017
  • Exceptional performance with risk management in a rising (!) market
  • Diversification² through radically different algorithms
  • Announcement: ÖKOBASIS One World Protect
  • “In the running” for Fund Innovation Prize 2018
  • Reduction of risk and opportunity in the G&W bond strategies
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26 years Grohmann & Weinrauter --- 23 years GWP-Fonds FT

We are an independent money management organization which has specialised since 1991 in the development and trading of systematic investment strategies for the management of capital market risk. Our approach enables investors - based on their investment objectives - to achieve above average returns over the long term, adjusted for risk. As a financial services institution licensed according to the German "Kreditwesengesetz" (Regulations for Institutions in the Capital Markets) we offer, along with our subsiduary company GROHMANN & WEINRAUTER Institutional Asset Management GmbH, domestic and foreign investors the following services:

  • Portfolio Management for Private and Corporate Accounts for sums greater than 1 million Euro
  • Management and Advisory Services for Special Funds for Institutional Customers
  • Advisory services for Capital Investment Companies and Management of Public Mutual Funds.

Our subsidiary GROHMANN & WEINRAUTER Trendfonds Invest GmbH places G&W investment funds starting with an investment value of € 100,000 within the framework of a permit according to § 34f of the German "Gewerbeordnung" (Trade, Commerce an Industry Regulation Act).

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